Product number determination “Greco EG” Part 1 (’76-’79 model)

Product number determination “Greco EG” Part 1 (’76-’79 model)

Greco EG series the Les Paul type guitars have several grades with different features and specifications in each generation. Although there are some exceptions, following information may help you for your decision making when you get Greco EG for your new gear.

On this article, you can find out the tips for the 1st generation such as 1976 to 1979 model. Actually, Greco EG had launched in ’71 though, this very early model is hard to categorize as law suit Japan Vintage Guitar with its features (bolt on neck, contoured body and so on), so I personally define it as “generation 0”. So I would commence with the model made in ’76 onwards.


1. Models

EG1500/1350/1250: Semi order model called “Project Series”

EG1000: Les Paul Custom type

EG900: Les Paul Standard type with DiMarzio PAF (double white bobbins with square bracket)

EG800: Les Paul Standard type with dual adjustable pole piece and also Les Paul custom (e.g. 3PU Ace Frehley model) and P90 type pickups mounted one.

EG700: Les Paul Standard type

EG600: Variation model (Jeff Beck type, Peter Frampton type etc.)

EG500/450: Les Paul type with chambered body with Sycamore top or Birch top.


2. Serial number

It is emboss printed on the back of head stock (or sometimes with metal plate). The first alphabet means the month (A=January, B=February, up to L=December) and next 2digits are production year followed by production sequence number. This serial number is seen from 1976 model but some do not have it even the features are 1st generation type, which must be made in ’76.

Greco EG serial number


3. Body structure

EG700 and upper has solid mahogany back with pancake construction and EG600 and lower have unique large cavity at pickups location. This design might be applied for cost saving purpose for entry model, but this chambered semi hollow body generates nice vintage tone as well.

 Greco EG body structure


4. Pickup

The original Greco pickups such as PU-0, U-3000/2000/1000 are made by Nisshin Onpa (Maxon). It sometimes has part number on the back though, it is hard to define its part number from appearance. Furthermore, pickups are frequently replaced that cannot be the feature to determine the model. Anyhow, the ‘70s DiMarzio PAF installed in EG900 is amazingly outstanding pickup, I personally think.


5. Tuner

EG700 and upper have Grover type tuner and lower grade models have metal Keystone shape tuners basically. Tuners are easy to replace though, it can be determined with fixing hole positions.


Greco EG tuner


6. Finger board inlay

EG700 and upper have mother of pearl type and lower models have plane white acrylic inlay. Not so many owners might replace the inlay, this would be the easiest way to see if it is solid body model or chambered ones.

 Greco EG Inlay


7. Others

- Finger board: EG700 and upper have ebony and others have Rosewood fingerboard, but it is not easy to distinguish as this ebony is Macassar Ebony (Striped Ebony) that does not have black ebony color.

- Head stock shape: In 1979, Greco applied original shape headstock even for EG series that is called “GO head”. It is base on Greco original design guitar “GO series”. This might be applied for law suit problem though it was terminated in 1980 when Greco released “Super Real” series.

 Greco GO head

Again, some minor changes and exceptions on specs and features could happen in this generation’s products in general, please take above information just for basic reference.

The next generation Greco EG such as “Super Real” and “Mint Collection” have different features, that will come later on this blog.

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