Greco Super Real Series

Product number determination “Greco EG” Part 2 (’80-’82 "Super Real" Series)

 After the success of first generation EG series in '70s, Greco released 2nd generation series that is called as "Super Real". The market (players) was starting to look for better (=real) clone copy of Les Paul, which was also released and succussed by Tokai, Fernandes and others. They were trying to refine the products to be as real as possible to Gibson vintage, which get to be called as "law-suit" later. 

On this 2nd generation, Greco made design changes such as;

- Solid mahogany body even for entry class

- Mahogany neck instead of former 3pcs maple neck

- Hardware upgrade such as ABR-1 type bridge etc.

- Electric parts upgrade such as oil capacitor etc.

- Ink stamp serial

- Kluson type plastic head tuner 

- Maple Veneer surface head

- New truss rod design (cover position is unique)


Some high-end models had special features such as nitro lacquer finish, Brazilian rosewood (Jacaranda) fingerboard and legendary Greco ordinal "Dry" pickups, which make JV enthusiast to say "better than original '70s Gibson". 

The list below is the specs table based on Greco catalog in 1980, which may help you guys for better understanding.

Model Type Fingerboard  Body top P.U. Finish
EGF-1800 '60 LP Std. "Super Real" Jacaranda Flame Maple DRY Lacquer
EGF-1000  '60 LP Std. "Super Real" Jacaranda Flame Maple DiMarzio PAF Lacquer
EG-1000C LP Custom "Super Real" Ebony Maple DRY Lacquer
EG-900 LP Std. "Super Real" Indian Rosewood Maple DiMarzio PAF Lacquer
EGF-850  '60 LP Std. "Super Real" Indian Rosewood Flame Maple PU-2 Lacquer
EG-800GS  '56 LP Gold Top "Super Real" Ebony Maple Hot Lick (P-90) Lacquer
EG-800C LP Custom "Super Sound" Ebony Maple PU-2 Lacquer
EG-800PB LP Custom/Peter Frampton Ebony Maple U-2000 Lacquer
EG-800PR LP Custom/Ace Frehley Ebony Maple U-2000 Lacquer
EG800 LP Std. "Super Sound" Indian Rosewood Maple PU-2 Lacquer
EG500 LP Std. "Super Power" Rosewood Maple 3pcs U-1000 Poly
EG500C LP Custom "Super Power" Rosewood Maple 3pcs UD Poly
EG500J LP Std./Jeff Beck Rosewood Maple 3pcs U-1000 Poly
EG500GS LP Std. Gold Top Rosewood Maple 3pcs UD-DX (Mini Hum) Poly
EG-480 LP Std. "Super Power" Rosewood Flame Sycamore UD Poly
EG-450 LP Std. "Super Power" Rosewood Sycamore UD Poly


Greco catalog 1980


Greco Super Real

Please note, as the logo of "Super Real" was applied on all models (even for EG450) until early 1980. Be careful!

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