Our Selling Policy for Vintage Gear


The items we sell here are basically vintage gear that may require some adjustments and maintenances to get the best performance as well as meeting your play style and climatic circumstances of use.
In order to let the new owners enjoy vintage gear and to avoid any disappointments and misunderstanding, we have following policies.

- All items are in our actual stock and its function checked by ourselves.
- Basic set up implemented. All items are cleaned up, such as polishing body,  neck, finger broad, bridge, frets and so on. The basic electric functions are checked if it properly works or not.
- Ship the items carefully packed in hard case or gig bags with carton box. Major courier service (FedEx or DHL) is applied with tracking number.

- The fine tunes such as neck adjustment, octave tune, fret leveling etc., as we believe it should be done by new owner by themselves in accordance with their preferences and climatic conditions. We think it is fair and rational idea to keep the item price fair and affordable enough.

Appreciate your understanding. Let’s enjoy “Heritage” together!